Infinite Glitch

Every day an incomprehensible number of new digital media files are uploaded to hosting sites across the internet. Far too many for any one person to consume. Infinite Glitch is a stream-of-conciousness representation of this overwhelming flood of media, its fractured and degraded sounds and images reflecting how little we as an audience are able to retain from this daily barrage.

Infinite Glitch is an automated system that generates an ever-changing audio/video stream from the constantly increasing mass of media files freely available on the web. Source audio and video files are ripped from a variety of popular media hosting sites, torn apart, and recombined using collage and glitch techniques to create an organic, chaotic flood of sensory input.

Stream Location

Watch/listen in browser with html5:
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Watch/listen outside browser:
(save-as to download m3u playlist file, open with VLC)

Direct stream address:
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Josh Harding, Derek Tuttle, Apache, AviGlitch, FFmpeg, Ruby, Ubuntu, Xiph.Org, Xvid

Infinite Glitch was built entirely with free/libre/open-source software (FLOSS), and was made possible by a stipend from <terminal>.

Creative Commons License