Chicago Dirty New Media: Round Robin ((MCA))

This Tuesday, October 16, a veritable tribe of Dirty Media hooligans will descend on the parking garage at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The show starts promptly at 6 p.m.

Set-up begins at 4 p.m. and is open to the public, so if you want to check out the varied performance rigs, come early.

MCA event page

Facebook event page

In the garage...

Join us for this real-time audio and video performance event which celebrates the Dirty New Media movement in Chicago. Dirty New Media artists utilize hacked electronics and improvisation to create works of art that are so wrong they’re right. Performances take place in the bottom level of the museum’s garage (accessible by Chicago Avenue, at the intersection of N. Fairbanks Ct.) and start at 6 pm, with setup starting at 4 pm. Feel free to stop in and chat with folks as they prep their circuits and setup. This event is organized in collaboration with Nick Briz, an artist currently based in Chicago.

_∆∆øÑσ.-~máh⌡!îx Arcanebolt Felker, Lori Jason Soliday jon.satrom Lisa Slodki Monica Panzarino Morgan Higby-Flowers Square Square Vaudeo Signal William Robertson Zarzutzki

Piksel[X] Call for Projects

Norway's annual open source art festival, taking place in Bergen this fall, has released an official call for projects. I participated in Piksel last year, and it was a fantastic experience. There were tons of interesting folks and technological artworks from around the world, all coming together in the spirit of DIY.

Visit the information page below for the submission form and more details. The deadline is August 15.

GlitchBot and the Thirty Days Project

For the month of June, GlitchBot will be participating in the Thirty Days Project. See GlitchBot's daily submissions here.

Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece of creative work by the end of each day.

Ende Tymes Screening - Brooklyn - May 17

Modulating Fashions in Fades and Wipes and SNObound, the two most recent video works from Evan Kühl and myself, are being screened tomorrow night as part of Ende Tymes at Outpost in Brooklyn, NYC.

This will be the world premier of Modulating Fashions in Fades and Wipes, and the New York premier of SNObound. Evan will be there in person, so come check out the show!